Troubleshooting: File Extension .EPUB

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If Windows cannot open .EPUB files, it is highly recommended that you fix this problem with PC Cleaner. PC Cleaner will scan the file and then locate the missing file associations and software that will fix EPUB files and other file extension issues on your computer.

How To Open .EPUB Files

Download and run PC Cleaner.

Click 'Scan' to analyze your PC.

Click the 'Fix Now' button to repair.

File size: 3.9MB, Download time: <1min (Cable/DSL)
File:   File extension .EPUB

PC Cleaner Features

  • Identifies Files Your PC Does Not Recognize
  • Recommends Software to Open .EPUB Files
  • Controls Which Programs Open Certain File Types
  • Monitors System for File Associations Changes
  • Repairs Broken File Associations
  • Detects Which File Extensions are Supported
  • Microsoft Certified Software
  • Free Database and Program Updates
Windows 7, Vista, XP Compatible. How to Uninstall

7 Comments on "How to Open EPUB Files"

Superguy says: Topic: Support
Thanks, it worked like a charm!

eradic8 says: Topic: Support
sweet, a EPUB file fix that actually worked

KAREN says: Topic: Support
I really appreciate the help.

CoolioJulio says: Topic: Support
wow! the scan picked up lots of files errors

Pet_Lover says: Topic: Support
Yeah! My computer works GREAT now!\!!

Geekynerd says: Topic: Support
now I don't need to buy a new computer LOL

Grandpa1942 says: Topic: Support
you just made it on my chistmas list!

Download EPUB File Repair Tool Download EPUB File Repair Tool  (3.9 MB)

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